Forza Horizon 3 is plagued by issues on Xbox One

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Forza Horizon 3 has been available for the general public for a few days now, but playing this game has proved to be a bumpy ride for many gamers. It appears that Forza Horizon 3 issues are prevalent for Windows 10 PC, but unfortunately Xbox One gamers are also affected.

Xbox One owners didn’t at all expect to encounter issues, as they were sure the Xbox version of the game would be very stable. They were in for a big surprise as various issues appeared from day one.

The list of bugs includes install issues, freezes, crashes, graphics issues, lack of access to particular car models and the list can go on.

Forza Horizon 3 issues on Xbox One

1. The game stutters in free roam. The good news is that this strange behavior doesn’t occur during races.

2. The DLC code is unavailable. When gamers type in the code, they are informed it has already been redeemed. According to Microsoft, the code is in gamers’ accounts, and should become available on October 3rd.

[…] i spoke to Microsoft and long story short at the end he had said that the code which i told him has been received in my account and that i have to wait to see what happens. after seen a comment saying we have to wait until Monday i am a bit relieved; but i am disappointed as to how Microsoft went about this. they should of given more clear information.

3. Bonnet camera on the Sandman is inside the car, obstructing the view.

4. The multiplayer mode is unavailable. When users try to join online game groups, they are quickly sent back to the single player mode.

I was able to play online , but suddenly i can only find online adventures, but cannot join them anymore.
it just stops joining and goes back to single player

5. The pause button crashes the game. This is one of most severe bugs, forcing gamers to give up using the pause button in order to avoid crashes.

6. Certain achievements are locked when they should be available.

7. The Warthog code is not available, although it has been redeemed. The code isn’t visible in the game or in the downloads.

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8. Gamers can’t import vinyls.

When trying to import vinyls from FH2, FM5 and FM6… I keep getting a message saying: “Too many saves of this file type. Please delete some from the file manger before saving any more.” […] Another issue that I am having is, when RB’ing between tabs in the vinyl group menu, it will sometimes want to give me the option to press A to “select” a vinyl, and other times, it will give me the option to press A to, “import” a vinyl (which then prompts it to give me the, “Too many saves” nonsense.). Neither does anything at all, nothing whatsoever…

9. Forza Horizon 3 won’t launch. The Xbox support engineers are collecting information about this issue from multiple users and escalating it. At least they acknowledged the issue.

I’m trying to play the game and whenever I try and launch the game all it brings up is a screen that says “No updates found” and whenever I try and click A on my controller it doesn’t do anything, the only way to get out of this screen is from pressing the Xbox home button.

10. In the ANNA tutorial, the game is not responding to any control inputs from keyboard, mouse or controller.

11.  Brake failure. With Race Brakes installed, the game sets brake pressure to 10% at a random moment. This can be fixed temporarily by going to Tuning and fixing the pressure, but the issue occurs again after a few minutes.

12. Cars seem to hit an invisible wall in free roam, and then the game itself freezes.

When I’m driving in free roam and especially when I’m in any kind of race, the car comes to a sudden stop, like it has hit an invisible wall. All cars next to/behind me also hit the wall and the game freezes until it corrects itself.
When doing challenges like racing the train, it will do the same thing but the train carries on, meaning I have to use rewind to even try and correct it or I won’t catch up. […] This game is unplayable.

13. Gamers can’t upgrade their cars. The Auction House won’t load or cars don’t reach the garage following update issues.

whenever I try to upgrade or paint a car its just endlessly saving I waited 10/15 for it to save and in the end I had to just go to the dashboard and quit it. This really needs to be fixed otherwise most people are just going to be able to have only stock cars because it stays on saving screen.

As you can see, these Forza Horizon 3 issues are really ruining the gaming experience for many Xbox One owners. Our 13-issue list covers only the most common issues reported by gamers, and isn’t an exhaustive list.

Unfortunately, as far we know, there are no workarounds available for the issues listed in this article. If you’ve come across a fix, you can list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.

How has your Forza Horizon 3 experience been so far?


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