Microsoft is adding a ton of new accessibility settings to Forza Horizon 5

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  • Xbox and Playground are teaming up to deliver a result that will surely please many users.
  • Both entities want accessibility to be a core piece of the highly popular and beloved game.
  • Therefore, a lot of new helpful settings and features will be added to the Forza Horizon 5.
  • A new difficulty level will also be present, called Tourist, which will make things a lot easier.
horizon 5 accessibility

We can now say without a doubt that, with Forza Horizon 5, Playground wanted accessibility to be a core piece of the game.

Creators are deeply committed to making Forza Horizon 5 accessible to as many players as possible, which is an effort worth saluting.

And, while Forza Horizon 4 also included a generous suite of accessibility settings, Playground changed its approach when it came to developing the Xbox Series X sequel.

What accessibility settings have been aded in Horizon 5?

The studio changed up its development processes in an effort to make accessibility one of its core initiatives.  

What he actually meant was that these important changes will be implemented on the huge features that underpin the game, such as Horizon stories, expeditions, and core pieces of the campaign.

By making accessibility an initiative, the team could ensure it was an integral part of the development process that they could really commit to.

By accessing the Horizon 5 settings menu, we’ll be able to see a variety of different settings that will be included.

Forza Horizon 5 accessibility features include American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL) support for cinematics; a game speed modification setting that allows gamers to play at a reduced rate; customizable subtitle options; High Contrast mode, Color Blindness mode and more.

With an abundance of different features on display, it’s evident that a lot of work and thought went into this aspect of the game.

Playground officials also mentioned how feedback from disabled players influenced many of the adjustable settings that players can use to tailor the experience.

Options surrounding text size and readability for subtitles during gameplay and cutscenes, for example, were revaluated after discussions at the studio. 

To make things even easier, a new difficulty setting has been added to Forza Horizon 5, designed to ease players into the racing experience, and it’s called Tourist.

Designers also added an option known as game speed modification, which controls the underlying speed of the game engine and the physics simulation.

This new option will help players with slower reaction times, so, if you’re racing at high speeds and you’re finding it difficult to control, you can turn down the speed so the game engine runs that much slower.

The entire list of changes that are added to Forza Horizon 5 can be seen below:

  • A Game Speed Modification setting that allows gamers to play Forza Horizon 5 at a reduced speed when playing offline; this feature is great for newcomers and those who would like more time to progress through the game.
  • High Contrast mode that changes colors to make things such as menus and text easier to distinguish for gamers.
  • Color Blindness mode that allows players with color blindness to better visualize game elements. Players can adjust color blind settings independently for the UI and the game visuals.  
  • For Subtitles, we know the importance of customization. With these, you’ll be able to:
    • Turn subtitles on or off
    • Adjust the font size
    • Adjust the background opacity
    • Ability to highlight key words
  • Customize menu and gameplay font size.
  • Screen reader narrator that reads text, buttons, and other elements aloud.
  • Text-to-speech and speech-to-text options for players that want to participate in Voice Chat and either need to send synthesized voice or receive voice chat as synthesized text.
  • Ability to disable moving backgrounds.
  • Notification duration setting, which allows players to set how long notifications in the game appear.

An admirable initiative from Microsoft and Playground, one that will surely bring smiles to the faces of those who really needed such changes.

What’s your opinion on the latest modifications made to your favorite racing game? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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