Foursquare Finally Launches its Windows 8, Windows 10 App and It’s Beautiful

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Windows 8 users who like to discover things and explore around their town have something new to be excited about. The new Foursquare app for Windows 8 is finally here. And it fits Microsoft’s latest operating system like a glove, offering an engaging browsing experience.

If until now, Foursquare was all about checking in and letting your friends know which pizza you are having at what restaurant, the Windows 8 application shift’s the focus to discovery, instead. And it makes sense if you think about it, since the app jumped from mobile platforms to the desktop environment. But thanks to the Windows 8 user interface, it offers a captivating browsing experience.

Foursquare finally lands in the Windows Store

foursquare windows 8 app

The basic idea now is that users who want to go out somewhere will check into Foursquare on their Windows 8 machine before they go out, and not when they arrive at the location. You can still check in of course, but that is just an appendix. The info feed which updates you on whatever your other friends are doing has been removed.

To take advantage of what Foursquare for Windows 8 has to offer you have to input your current location and the app will immediately conjure the best places to have fun in the area. If you scroll left you get to see the interactive map that places the venues, so you can orientate yourself. If you scroll right you get more venues, bars, restaurants and so on.

foursquare windows 8

You can of course search for a specific place or browse by category. Don’t forget to take into account the venue’s rating which are displayed if you scroll horizontally. You also get tips when you access the page of a specific venue. Thanks to the Modern user interface, there’s a lot of room to see all the recent photos people post. They are also easily maximized by virtue of a single click.

So if you fancy a nice night out with friends, go ahead and download Foursquare for Windows 8 and go on exploring!

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