Multi-page OneDrive scanning is no longer a premium service

by Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
Don Sharpe
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  • Multi-page OneDrive scanning no longer has to cost you anything.
  • OneDrive lets you scan and upload up to 10 pages per document.
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Mobile scanning

Multi-page OneDrive scanning no longer has to cost you anything. As a remote worker with a laptop and reliable internet, you are good to go, right? A scanner is barely a device you give thought to, until you need to quickly scan and share a mission-critical document with a colleague.

Well, if you cannot always access a scanner when you need one, you can scan with your OneDrive Android or iOS app.

The feature lets you scan and upload multiple pages to OneDrive without a premium Microsoft 365 account.

With the free tool, you may digitize any kind of physical paperwork, from documents and receipts to whiteboards and photos. You may then upload and save the scanned item as a PDF in OneDrive.

If you scan multiple pages, the solution lets you save all of them as a single file.

The feature will prove handy to many professionals who are working from home. Students can even use it to scan handwritten notes and send them over to their instructors or teachers.

How to use multi-page OneDrive scanning

  1. Sign in to your personal mobile OneDrive account. You will also need Android 6.5 or later versions or iOS 11.31.5 to do this.
  2. Launch the OneDrive app.
  3. Tap the camera button

Tap camera button

4. With your phone’s camera directly above the document, tap the scan button. Be sure not tilt the phone.

San the doc

5. Tap add new to scan the next page.

Scanning page 2

6. Repeat step 4. You can scan up to 10 pages to create and save a single PDF document in OneDrive.

7. Tap Done

Tap done to finish

8. Type a name for your digital file.

Enter a name for the document

9. Tap Save as to upload the file to OneDrive.

Upload file to OneDrive

There you have it! Multi-page scanning in OneDrive is quite straightforward. The process is similar for any type of physical paperwork you want to convert to a PDF. After uploading your digital file to OneDrive, you may share it with anyone that uses the platform.

For any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach for the comments section below.

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