Free for Students: 6 Months of Office 365 and 27 GB of SkyDrive Storage

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Microsoft has really started to listen to its customers, or, at least we’re having the impression that it does so. After fixing the issue with the impossibility of transferring an Office 2013 account to another PC, Microsoft now wants to entice students to try its Office 365 product by offering up to 6 months of free access. And yes, they also have a video spot, to make the matter even more market-ish (check video at the end of the post).

As always, when you get something for free, the first question that pops is – so what do I have to do in return? Not too much, apparently. To get Office 365 for free, you just simply need to prove that you are a student, that you have a .edu email. You can redeem the offer on the official webpage – Office for Students. This will assure that you’ll get three months of free Office 365 use. However, if you are a student, but you don’t have a .edu email address, you won’t be eligible for this treat.

free office 365 for students

Want more? To get three more months and make it a total of 6, you simply need to share the offer on Facebook. Et voilà, for half a year, you’ve got free Office 365 and 27 gigabytes of Sky Drive cloud storage. And the regular price for Office 365 that students would have to pay isn’t that expensive (compared to previous versions, that is) – for $80 you will get Office 365 for 4 years.

Get it for free and then pay less – Office 365 for students

Also, you will be able to use it on two devices. Students can use this offer twice, so after 4 years, – provided there’s not another Office version out there, more enticing – you will be able to pay the same money and get another 4 more years.  The regular prices for Office 365 are between $4 and $15 per month, which amounts to $48 – $180, depending on what features you choose.

The move is smart – offer students something for free and they will get used to it. Later on, offer a discounted price and some of them will buy it, some will not. When students will have jobs, will become employed, they will become that used to using Office 365 that they’ll either want to have that at their work, thus forcing their employers to buy Office 365 plans or they’ll buy that for personal/home use, provided they have the money.

office 365 for free

What’s not that good about this offer is that it is limited to the United States. So, if you’re living outside the US, you have the possibility to try Office 365 for only one month. Or (don’t say I told you), you could ask a friend, if you have one, to give you his account. Inside Office 365 you will find all the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, and Access for your Mac or PC. And now for that comical advertising spot.


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