Microsoft Makes Skype for Web Available to All Users

by Radu Tyrsina
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After making it available to users in select countries, Microsoft has finally decided to make its Skype for Web product available on a worldwide basis.
skype for web available worldwide freeMicrosoft’s Skype team has now made it official that Skype for Web is available to users from all over the world, after it had been released a few days back for a few select countries. Skype’s Web app is free to use and works with Chrome OS and Linux, as well, as it already worked on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Windows and OS X.

Albeit it’s now available on a global scale, the software is still in beta, so there are a few other things to be ironed out before the final version loses the beta from its name. Here are the supported languages for Skype for Wen: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, English, German, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional.

With this move, Microsoft’s Skype team is now on par with WhatsApp, which has announced its web app a few weeks back, leaving Skype behind. Skype for Web makes use of WebRTC so that you don’t need to install any plugins for it to work. After signing in with your account, you will just need to allow the site permission to use your webcam and microphone and that’s it.

With the new service, you can now login from anywhere you want, as you are no longer required to download the desktop version. After signing in, I discovered that all my messages history was there almost instantly, which doesn’t happen when you sign in on a new machine with a new account. Thus, this could make Skype for Web much more useful to those who want to sign in from other machines when they are not home.

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