160+ best free Windows 10 themes to download [2021 List]

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Automotive Windows 10 themes

Akrapovic [Details] [Download]

Akrapovic Morsus [Details] [Download]

Classic American Road Trip [Details] [Download]

Ducati [Details] [Download]

Ducati 2 [Details] [Download]

Ferrari [Details] [Download]

Forza Motorsport 4 [Details] [Download]

Infiniti [Details] [Download]

Porsche [Details] [Download]

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the CPU issues is due to ubisoft using Denuvo DRM and another one ontop of that, both those DRM’s are scanning the game memory at least a couple of thousand times every second witch makes the game have performace issues( most high end pc’s even have high cpu issues due to this while the graphics cards are hardly hitting 50% use