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We’re currently looking to extend our team!

At this phase, we’re searching for freelance writers with previous experience, willing to commit to at least a part-time schedule. If you like writing software related articles and you have good computer skills, then you might be the perfect candidate for this job.

This position is fully remote. This means that you can work anywhere in the world, as long as you have a proper internet connection

We are looking for people who

  • Can write software review guides based on a list of keywords that will be given to you
  • Your articles need can be creative, but also original. Copy-paste work is not accepted
  • Are familiar with WordPress
  • Understand SEO principles
  • Have excellent English grammar and vocabulary skills
  • Are knowledgeable. If you've written software reviews before, that's an excellent starting point
  • Are professional. You must be able to meet deadlines, deliver a minimum number of articles daily or weekly (according to our mutually consented agreement) and communicate in a professional manner with our team of writers and editors
  • Are able to keep their cool when given feedback in order to further improve your skills

How to join our team

We want a long-term committed fellow team member. So, before applying to this job, be sure you can deliver at least 5 articles per week. If yes, that‘s great!

Apply below by telling us a few words about yourself and some links to your published work. Your actual writings say a lot, right? We are sure we‘ll be impressed.

After this first selection step, you’ll be given a practical assignment. You will basically write a software summary to assess your skills, but don‘t worry - we‘ll give you the details.

Once accepted, you will be given a complete job training. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about the article format that we’re looking for, the general structure of each post category, and more!

Ready to apply?