Microsoft Closes PC Marketplace on August 22nd

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Microsoft is definitely changing things in its gaming department, as it now has announced in a support note on the Xbox site that it will be
shutting down Games for Windows Live marketplace or PC Marketplace on August 22nd. This comes shortly after we heard the news that Microsoft has hired former Steam boss Jason Holtman, whose mission at the Redmond company is to make “Windows great for gaming”.

The Points system and the PC Marketplace will be closed on August 22nd, so you should better spend your Microsoft Points balance prior to that date. As of you now, you have only one week before Microsoft completely shuts down the services. The Games for Windows Live client software, however, will not be affected, at least initially, letting you play previously purchased games and enjoy the content, as well. PC marketplace shutting down pc marketplace shut down

Although he full Games for Windows Live service will remain active, this a sign that points to the inevitable death or at serious revamping of Games for Windows Live. Microsoft is only shutting down the shopping segment of its PC business which strongly suggest that a new product or a complete overhaul is on the cards. Some more points clarified by Microsoft on the support note:

Can I purchase in-game downloadable content for my current Games for Windows Live games after Microsoft Points go away? In-game purchases and other downloadable content purchase availability will vary based on the particular game. Please contact specific game publisher for more information.

Will I be able to purchase Games for Windows Live games in other marketplaces now that Games for Windows Live titles are no longer available on Games for Windows Live titles published by Microsoft are no longer available for purchase from any marketplace. For other titles, please check directly with the title’s publishers.

What happens to my remaining Microsoft Points? Can I spend them? Microsoft Points will be retired as part of the next Xbox 360 system update. The next time you initiate a purchase or redeem a Microsoft Points card or code on your console with your Microsoft account, we’ll add an amount of currency equal to or greater than the Marketplace value of your Microsoft Points to your account. You can then use the currency in your Microsoft account to buy a variety of Xbox content from your favorite Xbox stores, and if you have a Windows Phone 8 device, content from the Windows Phone Store.

If you recall, back in July, 2011, Microsoft has moved Games for Windows marketplace to Now, we have this new change of plans. What do you think Microsoft is readying for us next in the gaming industry? I for one am excited, especially now that such a resourceful talent as Holtman is on-board, it would seem that Microsoft is getting ready to surprise us.

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Games For Windows Live was a copyright annoyance. Except for invoking many cusswords as I tried to install/play my game I wouldn’t say it did anything worthwhile. I really hated it. Bad. Real bad. Your not ‘Steam’ Microsoft and EA so get a life.

Positioning Games for Windows under the umbrella did two things. Firstly it cheapened what is the most expensive and powerful games platform there is. Secondly, it confused the market space. I do know of people who did not pay attention to format and ended up accidentally buying PC versions of games because they were cheaper than their XBOX counterparts.
The Games For Windows Live Client is also an absolute disaster area of a product that brings absolutely nothing to the PC experience. But it does a lot to interfere. Hell I cant install Dirt 3 on my Win 8 computer without seeking patch files which I have to download and apply myself to make the game work properly with the client. If I don’t the game wont start because Games For windows Live wont function correctly with it. Why do I need to do this I just want to play a damned game.
Frankly the PC is a great place for games and it is the birthplace and home of the modern gaming industry. However, Microsoft treats it like trash and has always done it’s absolute best to undermine the endeavour by interfering with a process that should be simple. There was once I time I could simply start a game and play it, now I need an internet connection so the various clients installed from various publishers can phone home and validate the game, the DLC for that game and my account and if one thing goes wrong in the chain of events there’ll be no fun tonight.
Start respecting the consumer instead of treating me like a criminal, start respecting PC Gamers because we pour more money into our chosen platform than most Games console owners make in a year and stop harassing us with crap software clients, crap bloated services that interfere with the process of gaming.