Garmin Vivoactive 3 kisses Windows Phone goodbye

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Windows Phone has been struggling to stay afloat for some time now, but it seems that all developers are starting to jump ship now that Microsoft has officially taken its hand off the project.

When the captain abandons ship, it’s a pretty clear sign that it’s heading for an iceberg.

The latest developer to call it quits is Garmin, who is responsible for Vivoactive 3’s updates, a fitness watch that also provided support for Windows Phone.

Despite how high or low your rank Vivoactive 3 as a fitness watch, the reality is that it is no longer a valid option for Windows Phone users.

While it represented a good solution for those using Microsoft ‘s platform, recent events have lead to Garmin deciding to no longer provide its support for the watch on Windows phone.

No new Garmin devices for Windows Phone

Not only is the Vivoactive 3 losing support for Windows Phone, but according to a representative of Garmin, they will also stop creating support for new devices altogether as well.

If Windows Phone fitness watches were limited before, now the list has only gotten smaller thanks to this latest departure.

Garmin is one of many

garmin windows phone end support

This is just one of multiple developers that have dropped support for Windows Phone, with others like Gameloft being on the list as well.

These departures are clear signs that the Windows Phone platform is not long for this world and that it’s only a matter of time before it is completely terminated. Of course, that would imply a lot of headaches for Microsoft and existent customers.

Even though there might not be an influx of new Windows Phone users coming in, there is still a community of existing users that need to be tended to before the platform can be officially closed down.

The boiling point

During its many trials and tribulations, the Windows Phone platform has lost a lot of users and its numbers aren’t doing that great.

However, there are still many that have decided to hold out on switching to a new platform for various reasons, such as there being specific software keeping them loyal to Microsoft’s platform.

Now, however, with so many important third party developers leaving Windows Phone behind, many have finally lost all reasons to stay and will most likely switch over to a more popular OS like iOS or Google’s Android.

Fitness enthusiasts who refuse to switch

While this is just a generalized presumption of what’s to come, there will undoubtedly be cases where fitness lovers will refuse to switch to a new platform.

For them, there are still viable solutions in terms of watches and software, such as the Fitbit.


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