You can now log in to Windows 10 with the Gear S3 watch

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Samsung launched the Flow app so that users could share content and sync notifications between their Galaxy mobiles and Windows desktops or laptops. The company previously updated Flow for Windows 10 compatibility. Now Samsung has just updated Flow so that you can utilize it with Gear S3 watches.

The updated Samsung Flow app, otherwise version 3.0.14, enables users to link Tizen 3.0 Gear S3 and Gear Sport watches with Windows 10 devices. Flow users could already log in to Windows with Galaxy mobiles. Now the updated Flow app also enables users to log in to Windows 10 with supported Tizen 3.0 watches. Furthermore, Flow users can also sync notifications between their Tizen 3 watches and Windows laptops or desktops.

The updated Samsung Flow also enables phone mirroring to linked desktops or laptops. As such, Flow users can now project Samsung mobile display on connected Windows PCs. The great thing about mirroring phones is that it expands their displays on desktops or laptops as covered in this post.

The Samsung Flow app has not had especially rave user reviews. However, the app is getting boosted with every update. With its expanded support for Tizen 3.0 watches and new phone mirroring, now might be a good time to check out the app. You can also utilize the app with Android Marshmallow (or later) phones and Galaxy Tab S3, Tab S2, TabPro S and Tab A2 devices. The video below provides an overview of how Samsung Flow connects devices.

So the latest Flow app is further expanding Windows 10 connectivity with Samsung devices. You can add the latest Flow version to Windows 10 by pressing the Get the app button on this page. To add the app to an Android device, check out this webpage.



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