Gears 5 match results error 0x00000c46 plagues many gamers

by Teodor Nechita
Teodor Nechita
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gears 5: what the best gaming experience PC or Xbox?

Gears 5 was launched on the 6th of September, and fans have been dying to get a look at what the sixth installment had in store for them.

Of course, like any other game that has just been launched, it went without saying that a few bugs would slip through the cracks.

Unfortunately, some bugs are a bit of a game breaker.

Gears 5 players don’t get results, rewards or achievements

For example, players have been reporting that they sometimes receive error messages when they try retrieving match results.

Gears 5 relies heavily on its multiplayer and co-op components, so not being able to see your match results is quite serious.

As far as players described the issue on the official Gears 5 forums, the problem could be described as such:

Hey guys, i got gears 5 on my pc and every time i finish a match of versus online i can’t get any xp out of it because i get an error on the results screen (error: 0x00000c46)

No official statement has been made by game’s developers, but it would seem that the problem is rather serious indeed.

Not only is the bug just visual, players aren’t actually getting any of the achievements or experience that they should be getting after a match.

Gears 5 faced several issues since launch

Judging by the Gears of War forums, this problem seems to be present on both the PC and Xbox versions of the game.

While purely speculative, this issue may be related to the recent stream of updates that The Coalition has been dishing out.

These updates and maintenance periods are aimed at fixing the stability and connectivity issues that came with the game’s launch.

More so, the game’s developers themselves stated that players should be experiencing random game downtime and match disconnects.

Whichever the case, this is indeed an issue that should be addressed immediately.

This is because you can’t have a competitive FPS with online gameplay without a means to save your progress or gauge your performance.

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