TC is working to fix Gears 5 matchmaking error oxoooood6e

by Milan Stanojevic
Milan Stanojevic
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Gears 5 error oxoooood6e

A handful of players recently got a chance to play Gears of War 5 as a part of the Gears 5 tech test program. However, there are hundreds of reports from the gaming community about Gears 5 error oxoooood6e.

Thankfully, The Coalition officially confirmed the bug on Twitter and stated that they are currently investigating the problem.

We have deployed a server-side update to address a match result issue. Our team is continuing to work on improving squad matchmaking and addressing the 0x00000d6e error.

The Coalition currently working to resolve all the reported issues and many of them have been fixed to some extent. It is recommended that you should relaunch the game for the changes to take effect.

We recommend that all players exit the game relaunch to ensure all changes have taken effect. If you see Creating Match for more than 30 seconds, please cancel matchmaking and relaunch. Thank you for continuing to help us test the servers and the game. We know the issues can be frustrating, but this has provided us with a large amount of data to work with in order to mitigate these issues.

However, in response to the initial Tweet, many people came up with their own suggestions to improve the gaming experience.

Another suggestion would be maybe an only gnasher ranked playlist with no power up weapons available. I could really sink my teeth into something like that.

It seems Gears of War 5 players are currently dealing with many different problems apart from the error oxoooood6e. Some players also complained about the slow gaming experience.

game is too slow. screen gets way too red when taking damage. gnasher clip reduction annoying. reloads take way too long.

The latest post on the Gears 5 forum suggests that this problem will be resolved very soon. The team is also investigating the issues where changing characters in Arcade and Tour of Duty fails to load properly.