Gears 5 is unbalanced, Multiplayer ruined for many

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gears 5 multiplayer sucks

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Gears 5 is finally out and a lot of excited gamers were waiting for the official release.

With incredible graphics and inciting gameplay, the title was a huge succes over the years. While some players think that Gears 5 is the best game to be released yet, others don’t share the same opinion.

Gears 5 Multiplayer is broken

It seems like a lot of loyal fans think that the new release isn’t as good as previous ones and the multiplayer now sucks.

Besides the bugs that are affecting Gears 5, some gamers are now complaining that the game is unbalanced and the fact that the developers tried to make the game more casual is a mistake:

Gears is not, and never will be a causal game

They had to cater to the casual crowd. They need more people buying their overpriced skins. Gears will never be high skilled as it was before. TC has shown me that they prefer dumbing down the game in favor of pleasing new and casual players. They added a hammer which will net you kills behind a wall

Ranked games in Gears 5 are unbalanced

Other players are complaining about Gnasher and Lancer:

Gnasher also downs in one in a quarter shots. No more strafe play, hardly any aim precision. It’s bad. I’ve also noticed my aim snap a bit when pop shooting. It’s completely unneeded.

Agree a 100% Gears 5 is broke!! Lancer is OP, flashgrenates suck and i dont wanna start over the red screen… We are already back at Gears 4!

The complaints continue with unbalanced weapons, high ping, and unfair matching in ranked. This leads to unfair match-making and a faulty ranking system.

The general opinion is that the developers made multiplayer too casual for new players and ruined the gameplay for the old, experienced ones.

If anything will change in the near future, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Now back to you: what is your experience so far with Gears 5? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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