Gears 5 ping is so high it makes the game unplayable

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gears 5 ping

Many gamers expected the release of Gears of War 5, so it is not a surprise that quite a few players have already tried the game.

However, not all people were thrilled by the first experience with Gears 5. Developers changed a lot of gameplay features, but these complaints were subjective.

Quite a few people have encountered a high ping while playing Gears 5. One user reported the following on the official forum.

In every other game my ping is max30 but in Gears 5 jump to over 100.

A ping over 100 can cause the game to freeze for a few seconds, making the game a bad experience.

Ping is huge in Gears 5 and no one knows why

Many people across the world reported this issue on the thread. Also, we see that the problem appears on all servers, regardless of the zone.

So, what we have here is a general issue with the Gears 5 servers and no solution is available just yet.

Fortunately, developers took notice of this major complaint and they started working to fix this as soon as possible. However, many players don’t think this issue will be solved quickly.

It remains to be seen how developers will tackle this major problem in the new Gears of War 5. Usually, they should make this a priority because a high ping makes the game unplayable.

Also, it means losing players to other games. Still, all new games have issues, so it is a matter of time before all is coming together for Gears 5 and its creators.

Did you encounter this issue in Gears 5? Did you find a solution or a workaround for high ping? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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