Gears 5 players don’t like the ranking system

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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gears 5 ranking broken

Gears 5’s official release brought a lot of mixed opinions in the gaming community.

Gear 5’s matchmaking is broken

While some user think that is the best release yet, others don’t share the same opinion and complain about a multitude of things.

More specifically, the game has a lot of bugs and issues.

Multiplayer is a mess for many, but the more pressing problem is the ranking system.

Here’s how one user is describing the experience:

I already made a post about the ranking system and how I am very unhappy with how it works. I want to state it’s a disgrace. I want it known that all my friends and I HATE THE SYSTEM. I love the game itself and you basically made a system where you need to literally go off in a game to rank up. I am winning games 2-0 playing passive support and I rank down? It’s a joke how all I heard for awhile is team game-play and I get penalized for it in a win.

The ranking system in Gears 5 needs some adjustments

He is not alone, as many other players confirm the fact that the ranking system is faulty and needs some adjustments.

A bunch of Diamond or higher elo players have ended up in Silver after getting their placement rank. They say that this is a balancing problem and the leaderboards don’t show the actual skill.

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The developers are promoting team play, but it seems that the only way to rank up higher in Gears 5 is to get more kills.

This is not the only game that has problems with the ranking system, but the unbalanced matchmaking and the leaderboards are making it impossible to climb for some players.

Hopefully, the problem will be solved after some time passes and things settle down.

Have you experienced any ranking issues in Gears 5? Share your experience in the comments section below.


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