Gears 5 no skill gap upsets many players

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gears 5 skill gap

The long-expected Gears of War 5 was launched recently. Many players are still trying to figure out the new features of the game.

Like always, not all people are satisfied. Quite a few players are upset because Gears 5 has no skill gap.

So, people feel that there’s no point in advancing in this game if there’s no skill gap. In this respect, one player said the following on the official forum.

As a diamond player i have as much of a hard time killing people who have never touched gears as they have a hard time killing me.

This is not the only complaint in this thread. Users reported that Gears 5 is “simply atrocious”. The movement is slow and the game is boring with the new weapon features.

Also, players reported that they can’t win a 1v3 fight anymore with these changes.

Gears 5 no skill gap is not so important for some players

Not all people agree with these complaints, saying that they are exaggerated. An advanced gamer should not have any issue in outplaying new players, according to quite a few people.

Moreover, the no skill gap feature is giving new people a chance to get better results in a shorter period.

So, people are just making excuses because they are not as good as they think.

As some players said, the attitude “this game is bad because I’m not number 1 yet” is not helpful. A diamond player should adapt to the new situation.

We know, developers can do some changes that are not beneficial to the gameplay and players, but this is not the case. The game needs to evolve to reach its full potential and be more attractive to the gaming community as a whole.

What’s your take on the no skill gap on Gears 5? Do you agree with it? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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