Gears of War 4 needs cross-play between Xbox and Windows 10

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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While Gears of War 4 is now available for the general public, the game has one major restriction that severely limits its gaming experience: cross-platform competitive multiplayer is not supported. This means that Xbox One owners can’t play GOW4 multiplayer matches with friends who own Windows 10 PCs.

This is actually the first time a restriction like this has been put in place. This limitation is very surprising because it goes against the very principles of the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. Most likely, the decision to put this limitation in place was taken to eliminate “unfair advantages” that gamers using a keyboard and mouse may have over their opponents using controllers.

This limitation has led to a hot debate dividing gamers into two camps. Players who support full cross-platform competitive multiplayer between Xbox One and Windows 10 suggest this issue can easily be solved by disabling keyboard and mouse when the Xbox controller is detected. Another simple solution is to allow the gamers who are playing with a controller to join Xbox One players, while gamers who prefer to play using the good old mouse and keyboard can fight among themselves.

Gamers are also angry because the game’s official description is misleading, mentioning that “cross-platform multiplayer” is supported.

I fully agree. It needs full cross platform to survive on PC.
To be honest, I thought it was fully supported anyway as it states on the windows store its “cross platform multiplayer”. A bit of a vague description and misleading for many people. And then we get back to the windows store itself not doing refunds for people that are now left with a game that they cant play online because the player base will shrink and be dead within a few weeks.

Gears of War 4 gamers feel so strongly about full cross-platform multiplayer support they’re even considering starting a petition to let The Coalition know that the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC communities should not be divided. After all, the mouse and keyboard combo is more precise and offers certain advantages, but skill is also an important factor.

What’s your stance? Do you think The Coalition and Microsoft will bring full cross-platform multiplayer support for Gears of War 4?


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Xbox and PC should be divided in competitive gaming. I can’t even care to count how many time people hack in pc, and I don’t want those trash bag in xbox. Don’t start with all the methods like force using controller,…. We all know there are thousand ways pc gamer will by pass it. Separate them, They can still play against each others in custom match if they want to, don’t let those trash bag move to xbox.

lol you are such an 12 year old, people also hack on xbone too and also there are strict rules in place that stop people hacking the game…. as if they would let pc players get away with anything. the T&Cs do apply to us too. Besides i was an xbone gamer too until i got sick and tired of being stuck playing with kids.

I’m not getting this unless they add cross platform because I know PC playerbase will be much smaller. There won’t be enough players on PC only to sustain the multiplayer for long after release unless you can play with people on XBone

They really need to add it otherwise the game will die on PC. I for one use a controller on PC and rek against keyboard and mouse users because it’s easier to wall bounce. Just add a certain playlist for it where you can only use a controller. It’s fine Microsoft, people want it.

I can honestly say, the lack of true cross play is the only thing keeping me from purchasing this game. I never got an Xbox One, though I have a very capable PC that could handle it. I would want to be able to fully link up with my Xbox friends across the full game experience, not be beholden to a fragmented offering.

they can bring this to windows 10 its easy ps now took this approach but in a different way they make you play with a dual shock controller but that’s for single player as well my idea is that if you want to play with the xbox one players online you need to use a xbox one controller and there should also be a setting that lets you turn on or turn off connection to xbox players so if you want to use the keyboard all you have to do is turn off the option and unplug the controller and use the keyboard when you wanna play with yourr friends on the xbox plug in the controller and play