GoW 4 Double XP Weekend is not working, some players get zero XP

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Oooops, TC you did it again! That’s what many Gears of War 4 players are saying right now. Fans report that TC has failed to deliver what it promised once again. The awaited Gears 4 Double XP Weekend brings no double XP after all, and this is getting on players’ nerves.

As a quick reminder, last week TC’s servers went down with error 0x00000d1c, preventing gamers from joining matches. This unexpected event has affected TC’s image, and some players even went as far as saying that TC did this on purpose to prevent gamers from making coins for an Onyx Gold Gear Pack and force them to buy it with money.

To compensate for this unpleasant event, TC is now hosting a Double XP Weekend. The only problem is that many gamers are not getting any double XP.

GoW 4 Double XP Weekend issues

To make things clear, not all GoW4 players are having this issue. Some of them have received double XP, but there are also many players who report that their reward is nowhere to be seen.

 Just played koth. No double xp, no bounty credit, and about 80 coins short of what I should’ve gotten. I still haven’t received all my xp and coins from last weekend’s debacle.

I want to give TC the benefit of the doubt, but this is 2 weekends in a row now! C’mon TC get your ***** together! I didn’t buy the game and season pass to not be able to play a proper game. Fix this before you lose your core fan/player base.

Indeed, this is the 2nd weekend in a row that TC fails to deliver what it promised. Trust is easy to lose and hard to rebuild, and many GoW 4gamers are beginning to lose hope that the company will ever compensate them for the technical issues that have occurred lately.

Also, judging by gamers’ feedback, it appears that double XP is not working on particular gametypes and maps, such as KOTH, TDM, Guardian social and more. As a result, we suggest you check the forums and invest your time in maps that actually give you double XP.

The Coalition has yet to issue any comments on this situation.


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