The Coalition offers Double XP Weekend to make up for GoW 4 downtime

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Last week, The Coalition rolled out the Onyx Gold Gear Pack but players couldn’t get it due to the annoying 0x00000d1c error. More specifically, this error message prevented many gamers from joining matches, as they were kicked out as soon as they connected to the server. Those who were able to connect to the servers and play, didn’t get any rewards for their efforts.

The good news is that TC has already fixed this issue, and GoW 4 players should now be able to play their favorite game. However, the unexpected GoW 4 downtime from last weekend has affected their overall game progress.

To make up for the lost progress, The Coalition is going to host a Double XP Weekend on 1/20 – 1/22. Also, the company is already working through its game queues and will send out the rewards earned last weekend by the end of this week.

TC compensates GoW 4 fans for the game’s downtime

Due to our downtimes this weekend we will be extending the Developer Playlist and the Onyx Gold packs for at least 24 hours. We may extend the credit offering beyond 24 hours on the Onyx Gold Packs as well but marketplace for real currency will only be extended 24 hours.

We will also be doing a Double XP playlist next weekend to help make up for the downtime next weekend. We apologize for the downtime.

Your GoW 4  Credits, XP, and Progression aren’t lost

The good news is that your Credits, XP, Progression are still being earned in the background, and you’ll eventually get them. TC’s servers need a bit more time to  catch up on awarding all the credits/XP earned over the weekend.

I should also note that despite it not showing credit earnings or XP earnings after matches, you are earning them in the background and those are slowly being distributed out as the servers catch up from prior days. […]

Rewards earned from this past weekend including XP, credits and progression will be sent out over this coming week as we work through those queues.

All’s well that ends well. However, last weekend’s downtime has affected TC’s image and this was the last thing that the company needed. Back in December, many GoW fans labeled TC greedy after the quick Gearsmas and UIR Gear Pack release. This time, some players seriously take into consideration the possibility that TC deliberately caused error 0x00000d1c to prevent them from making coins for an Onyx Gold Gear pack and force gamers to buy it with real life money.

However, this is highly unlikely because TC has been working really hard to implement a series of game changes in order to please fans and stop the criticism wave that the company has been dealing with recently.