Gears of War 4 error 0x00000d1c prevents gamers from joining matches

Madalina Dinita
by Madalina Dinita
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Hundreds of Gears of War 4 players can’t join matches at the moment due to error code 0x00000d1c. When gamers try to join matches, they are simply kicked out.

Error 0x00000d1c breaks GoW 4

Some players suggest that this error may be triggered by the recent Season Pass Air Drop pack, as the game was running perfectly fine before they installed this pack.

However, we’re not sure the Season Pass Air Drop is the culprit because not all the players who reported this bug mentioned that error 0x00000d1c occurs after TC rolled out the pack.

 I was playing Horde fine for several hours – After returning to the menu after a match in which it kept saying “match results are taking too long”, the next horde match tried to start, but I started getting the error message – Either 0x00000d1c or 0x801901f4 – I was able to play a quick match in the VS playlist, but it says the same thing with match results taking too long. I tried hard reset on my console, as well as modem/router – I signed out of my account on my Xbox – Nothing works – I get right to the point where it loads the lobby for Horde and I can see the other players, and then I get booted back to the menu with an error message.

The Coalition has yet to issues any comments about the situation and this makes players very angry.

Same problem, and TC is NOT responding to their gamers.. ????

For the time being, there is no known workaround to fix this problem. If, by any chance, you’ve come across a solution to fix error 0x00000d1c, list the troubleshooting steps in the comment section below.

Speaking of GoW 4 issues, if you’re experiencing hitching issues on the Xbox One, you can try out the workarounds listed in our dedicated fix article.


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Wow two weekends in a row. So far I’m not impressed. I really enjoy the game but when will they get it together. Most people play on weekends. Well at least I do

Time people ask to be compensated….. They expect us to spend money on this game…… How about they pay us for the innconveniance of not being able to play the game…… I WANT $100 Credit on my xbox live account. 3 days unable to play gears….

Do you think tc is doing this on purpose? Having this error wont allow us to make coins for an onyx gold gear pack this weekend so it forces alot of us to buy it with real life money?

1 free pack…… your generous….. I DESERVE 20 ATLEAST. TC deserves to loose alot of money over this.

It’s been going on for over 24 hours now. Ridiculous. I played a bunch last night, didn’t get xp or anything, but when I loaded it this morning it was there. But playing now and it’s not showing anything after a match.

Played horde this morning 8:30 EST, you can get into a match but at the end of each 10 waves you don’t get the experience or coins. Very frustrating.

Just played TDM didn’t load in as my set character then at the end of the game got the error sign so didn’t get my XP smh waste of time

Going on 24 hours without the ability to connect to a server whatsoever… it’s the weekend and this mama wants to play some facking games.

We just got kicked from tdm then tried to rejoin kicked us again then came back and said I can’t make matches for ten mins now my husband is trying to get on on his own and the load is forever

Trying to log in for Horde….. system error messages. Frustrating, as a season pass holder was hoping to score some extra points… on the new (old) maps….. VS works fine…. just Horde.

I was having the same problems listed here and I found that after playing the campaign for maybe 20 minutes I exited out and everything was working fine again, the campaign loading screen took longer than usual but it is the only fix I have been able to discover. Note: I have only tried this once so I can’t completely confirm it