Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 mode: Tips and tricks to improve your results

by Madalina Dinita
Madalina Dinita
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Gears of War 4’s Horde 3.0 is the game’s highlight for many players. This complex co-op mode challenges gamers to work together in order to survive. Each team member must know exactly what their role is and collaborate with the other players. Otherwise, the whole team will fall under enemy fire.

If you’re new to Gears of War 4 or simply want to upgrade your gaming style, check out the tips and tricks listed below. Put them into practice and you’ll become a better Gears of War 4 player.

Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 tips and tricks

Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 beginner’s guide

Horde 3.0 relies on the class-based mechanics, making teamwork an essential part of the game. As stated above, you and your teammates must know what you’re doing and follow the rules below:

1. Bring an engineer and a scout to your team

2. Scouts play the most important part in Horde 3.0. They collect the energy that enemies leave behind and take them to the fabricator. Scouts receive a double energy deposit bonus if they gather the energy during a wave. They are the only class that receives this bonus and this is why other team members should let Scouts collect energies.

To get your hands on this bonus, wait until there are only a few enemies alive and then collect as much energy as possible before the last enemy is killed.

3. As an engineer, your main task is to build and maintain fabrications. Your secondary task is to revive your teammates when they fall. Engineers have discount skills, which is why you shouldn’t buy things from the fabricator if you’re not an engineer. If you need something and it’s not urgent, ask the engineer to get it for you.

Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 tips

1. Don’t be shy to use a mic and the text-chat feature.

2. Keep the last enemy alive until your scout has grabbed most of the energy available. Scouts get an energy deposit bonus while they gather energy during a wave.

3. Don’t move fabrications if you’re not an Engineer. When fabrications get destroyed, you can collect some energy back. Buying new ones helps your team level up the fabricator, while repairing doesn’t count.

4. Build the basic setup for your base, then buy as many decoys as possible and leave them all in one spot — preferably very close to your base. Let the enemies destroy the decoys, then kill the enemies and let the Scout reclaim the energy.

5. Don’t place the fabricator too far back. You can also use it as cover because it is indestructible. Also, the Scout needs to run back and forth between the battlefield and the fabricator all the time. Place the fabricator wisely to make your Scout’s task easier.

6. Use turrets for later waves and boss waves. The turret ammo requires a lot of energy, so don’t use turrets on easy waves, or when your team has already wiped out most of the enemies.

7. Mark enemies and weapons as often as you can. This offers useful information to your teammates.

8. Heavies should use Heavy Weapons, Explosive Weapons and Turrets as often as possible since they get bonus damage with them.

9. If you grab a Salvo, don’t ever run out of ammo. If you do, the Salvo will simply vanish afterwards. Instead, leave two rounds and put it back in a locker so it can be recharged.

10. Don’t get angry if you die and your teammates leave you dead to save energy. Sometimes you need to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of your team.

11. Beware of Snipers, Boomshots, Dropshots, Guardians and the like. They can quickly kill you with just one shot.

12. Snipers are constantly low on ammo because their only sources of ammo are the ammo crates. It’s nice of you to let them have the ammo crates, if possible.

13. Heavies and soldiers can commit suicide to get some extra energy before Wave 1 starts. Do it before the fabricator is deployed and let the Scout gather your energy.

14. When the Engineer starts replacing damaged fortifications after a heavy wave, help him set up the base so that he can get everything ready before the next wave starts.

Gears of War 4 class tips

GoW 4 Scout Class Tips

  • You are the most important person in the team. Collect as much energy as possible during a wave.
  • Stay alive: All your teammates rely on you. Get a Health Boost skill to stay alive longer.
  • Your main task is to collect energy, so don’t focus on kills. Don’t focus on getting your hands on the most powerful weapon, either. Instead, equip Deposit Bonus, speed boost, health boost, and pickup distance boost.
  • You may often be the last man standing in your team. Get the Team-Revive skill when you reach level 7.

GoW 4 Soldier Class Tips

  • Notice the spawn points and plant grenades in those spots before the wave starts.
  • Make sure your teammates approve before you use weapons that cost too much energy.
  • On later waves, your best assault rifles are pretty much worthless.
  • Get your hands on the Reload Damage boost.

GoW 4 Sniper Class Tips

  • Hunt high-priority enemies such as Snipers, Boomshots, Dropshots, Hunters and any other enemies that can one-shot kill you and your teammates.
  • Don’t kill enemies from too far away to make it easier for your Scout to collect energy.
  • Get the Team-Revive skill; It will come in handy.
  • Use a weapon locker to recharge or to store back-ups to become less dependent on ammo crates.
  • Don’t get too close to turrets, sentries, teammates using salvos and other elements that could potentially ruin your precision.

GoW 4 Heavy Class Tips

  • Get damage boost skills to maximize your kill capacity and take out bosses faster.
  • Combine the Marked Damage, Heavy Weapon Damage and Explosive Weapon Damage skills with Salvo. Your enemies won’t stand a chance.
  • Be careful when you use Mortar Strikes because you can also kill your teammates.
  • Keep a weapon locker close to you and use it to store heavy weapons.
  • Don’t aim too low with Salvos. Otherwise, you’ll hit the ground and the splash damage will get you killed.

GoW 4 Engineer Class Tips

  • Upgrade the fabricator as soon as possible.
  • Don’t repair low-level fortifications: You’ll waste your energy deposits. Let your enemies destroy them and them reclaim the energy to buy new ones.
  • If your teammates carry too much energy, tell them to deposit it.
  • Don’t place the fabricator too far back. Don’t place it in the middle of the map, either, but don’t force the Scout to run marathons either.
  • Sentries run out of ammo fast. Keep them out of action for as long as you can. Shock sentries are better because they recharge faster and have long range capabilities. Group sentries in twos and threes, but don’t cluster them together.
  • Take care of weapons lockers; Heavies and Snipers like them.
  • Level 1 and 2 Barriers slow enemies down. Level 3 and 4 Barriers damage enemies, though, and for this reason they often get attacked.
  • Don’t place turrets too close together.
  • Get your hands on the Team-Revive skill: It will come in handy.
  • Equip the Build Cost Discount Skill with Engineer specific Discount Skills such as the Turret Cost, Decoy Cost skill cards, etc. When both cards are at level 5, the Engineer will get an impressive 50% discount for whichever fortification card is used in combination with Build Cost.
  • Ask your teammates for help after a difficult wave that destroyed your fortifications. Your teammates can carry them and place them around the base.
  • You can stop your teammates from buying stuff from the fabricator by lifting it.
  • You can kill enemies with your repair tool.
  • Don’t ever pick up a Boltok pistol. You’ll lose your repair tool.

We hope these quick tips and tricks boost your game results. Don’t forget that communication is the most important skill for a team. Talk to your teammates and explain to them why you’re going to do something that may seem to be a bad decision. A good strategy and team collaboration are the main ingredients for your Gears of War 4 Horde 3.0 success.