The new GoW 4 Onyx Gold Gear Pack brings a new look to the Swarm

by Madalina Dinita
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The Coalition has a lot of surprises up its sleeves. The company recently rolled out the Title Update 3, and the Season Pass Air Drop. To raise the stakes, TC just released the Onyx Gold Gear Pack, bringing a new look to the Swarm. This rare pack is available until January 16, and can be yours for 2000 Credits / $4.99.

GoW 4’s The Swarm got a new look

The Onyx Gold Gear Pack features a stylish combo of Black Gold, adding 5 Swarm characters and an animated Black/Gold weapon skin you can add to your collection. The 5 Swarm characters all carry an impressive Gold carapace, combined with dark Onyx Black clothing and armor. You’ll simply fall in love with the new look of the Legendary Elite Grenadier and Swarm Sniper.

This Onyx Gold pack also features a full set of 14 Onyx Gold animated weapon skins. More specifically, the new set includes a Black and Gold variant of the Swarm Pod skin, with an impressive Liquid Gold effect that will definitely draw everyone’s attention on the battlefield.

The good news doesn’t end here, as the pack also features a guaranteed Epic Card in every Gear Pack. As for the pack mechanics, PezRadar confirms that there will be “3 cards in the Onyx Gold pool. One card from Series 1 set and One card from Series 2 set.

Judging by the Gears of War 4 community’s feedback, many fans will buy this new pack. At the same time, this confirms that TC is on the right path towards reconciling with fans after the nasty Gearsmas – UIR Gear Pack story from December.

Lots of complaints from the community over the break, but it seems like you guys have been working hard to make up ground. Hopefully you can keep it up!