Gears of War 4 matchmaking and squad stability issues affect many gamers

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Gears of War 4 is the best installment of the Gears of War franchise, but this doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There are many issues that limit the gaming experience, such as shooting bugs or game delays, but the good news is that the game developers are doing their best to solve these bugs as soon as possible.

The Coalition is indeed a company that listens to its community, and following gamers’ feedback, recently pushed an update making it easier for you to earn Credits and Gear Packs.  However, certain issues seem to have no solution, despite having been reported since the beta version of the game was launched.

Gears of War 4 matchmaking issues still bug many gamers, although The Coalition pushed two server side updates to improve matchmaking and squad stability. The game has been available for the general public for only a few hours, but a huge number of gamers already complained about matchmaking issues.

Platform (Xbox One S)
Match making issues i cant play any game modes or nothing my internet is fine and i can play others games but everytime i click a game mode it takes more then 3 minutes and then says match making timed out try again later […] really ive tried each and every one of them i havent had a chance to play one game since ive gotten it on saturday […]  no errors codes just a screen pops up saying match making timed out please try again later.

The Coalition is still investigating matchmaking and squad stability issues, and unfortunately there is no workaround available to fix this bug. It appears that the only solution to fix these matchmaking issues once and for all is a proper hotfix – third time lucky.

Meanwhile, if you’re experiencing matchmaking bugs, you can report them on Gears of War 4 ‘s dedicated forum thread and help the developers gather more information.



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