Gearsmas brings exclusive Gears of War 4 customization items

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Many Gears of War 4 fans are curios to know what The Coalition Santa will bring them this year. According to fans’ estimations, the eagerly-awaited Gearsmas should land sometime this week, although The Coalition hasn’t yet confirmed this piece of information.

The good news is that the company revealed that the upcoming Gearsmas will offer fans exclusive customization items. This information was revealed on the official forum thread introducing the latest server-side update for the game.

Upcoming Gearsmas release date remains a mystery

Daily Rewards award you a specific gift once you load up Gears of War 4, ranging from standard Bounty awards to special customization items and Cards. […]

It’ll be used for other things too! Beginning with Gearsmas this December, certain days will have exclusive Customization items to secure simply by logging in! We’ll be trying a variety of different things with the Daily Reward system over the months ahead so stay tuned for news.

As stated above, The Coalition prefers to keep the Gearmas release date secret, despite fans’ ardent request to have more information as to when they can expected to get their hands on this treat.

Coalition hasn’t officially announced this information.. Please keep an eye out here and on social networks for the announcement.
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However, one Gears of War 4 fan suggests that Gearmas could become available tomorrow, November 13.  Although he has zero evidence to back up this claim, we must admit his explanation makes sense.

My guess is, and understand this is just a guess, is Tuesday. it’s 12 days of gearsmas and Tuesday is 12 days before Christmas, and the maps come out for everyone that day so it makes sense to be that day.

As a quick reminder, Gears of War 4 will receive two new maps tomorrow, while two old ones will have to go.



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