Gearsmas arrives today, brings festive-themed items and many surprises

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The long-awaited Gearsmas 2016 package is finally out. Gears of War 4 fans can now unpack the game’s Holiday Presents and get their hands on the latest GoW exclusive items.

There are over 30 pieces of festive content for gamers to collect, a special playlist featuring the first ever custom weapon for Gears 4 and many other suprises.

Microsoft revealed on its blog that the Gearsmas Pack offers 28 pieces of unique content to collect. Each pack contains One Bounty and two items from the Gearsmas collection and costs 400 Credits.

Here is the Gearsmas collection of 2016

  • 3 ‘Ugly Gearsmas Armor’ Characters – JD, Kait and Swarm Drone
  • 4x Gingerbread Weapon Skins
  • 4x Festive Tree Weapon Skins
  • 4x Snowman Weapon Skins
  • 4x JD Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • 4x Kait Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • 4x Swarm Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • 1 Commemorative Gearsmas Emblem.

As already confirmed, the new Daily Rewards system will offer holiday presents on December 16, and December 24-26. All you need to do is launch Gears of War 4 and the presents can be yours.

Today, December 16 you can get the Chuzzmas Emblem. In the December 24-26 period, Gearsmas brings you the Ice Boomshot.

Gearsmas also features new ways to play. Snowball Fight is a new special event that brings back the very first custom holiday weapon for Gears of War 4: the Snowshot. Use it to shoot Snowballs and kill your enemies. But there’s a catch – everyone starts with a very basic tool kit. You are given the Snowshot and just two Snowballs. As a result, you need to work and pick up more Snowballs, just like in real life.

For more information, check out the trailer below:



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