Getac B300 is a Windows 10 laptop built for extreme pressure

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If you work in hostile environments and you constantly fear for your laptop’s life, maybe you should take that worry off your chest and buy a rugged laptop. Something like the Getac B300, a solid i7 Windows 10 laptop capable of withstanding extreme pressure—literally.

The Getac B300 is built like a tank: nothing can destroy it, allowing you to rely on it even in the most extreme conditions. Not only is it extremely solid, but you’ll also be impressed by its specs.

Our article about the laptops with the best battery life determined 14 hours to be the magic number. Not one to be outdone, the Getac B300 is equipped with dual hot-swappable batteries that together provide up to 30 hours between charges, with the potential to offer infinite battery life as a result.

Its 13.3-inch touchscreen display allows users to scroll through apps with minimal movement. Thanks to the QuadraClear direct bonding technology, reflectivity is decreased and screen readability is increased even when using the laptop in direct sunlight. Users can also use this impressive laptop even at night time thanks to a one-touch feature that allows the screen to be viewed with night vision goggles. The keyboard is backlit red to avoid silhouetting.

The Getac B300 is mounted on a magnesium alloy chassis, making it indestructible. You can drop it from up to six feet without damaging it and it can withstand rainstorms, dust, sand and extreme temperatures from -20°F to 140°F / -7°C to 60°C.  If you expect this laptop to weigh 21 lb/ 10 kilos,  you’re in for a pleasant surprise: the B300 weighs only 7.7 lb/ 3.5 kilos. It’s not as light as the Asus ZenBook 3, but it’s still light enough to carry it for hours without developing back pain.

This laptop is extremely stealthy and produces no noise since it has no fans to dissipate heat, relying on copper pipes for this task.

As for the price tag, the manufacturer does not list it on on its website. Considering B300’s specs and the fact that you can customize it, expect to pay between $3,000 and $6,000 for it.



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