Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch 1.1.5 bugs: stuttering, high CPU usage, and more

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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands recently received an important update, bringing some major fixes and improvements regarding compatibility and performances.

Unfortunately, some players have encountered more issues after installing this update than ever before. In this article, we’re going to list the most common Ghost Recon Wildlands Patch 1.1.5 bugs reported by players.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Update issues

  • Game freezes, crashes

Game still freezes cashes after 1.1.5 update
Can not crt alt del, alt tab. Requires system restart. Has happened 3 times today’s apporx 20 minutes in one instance 5-10 minutes. disaponting. Please fix

  • The update deletes players’ characters

Saw the update was available while playing. Closed the game and waited for the 4Gb download to finish and game stated it was ready to play. Started the game and the beginning cinematics started playing, then my only option was to start a new campaign.
My character was level 16 and I had just finished the Security forces of SB.

  • 99% disk usage

I have a really frustrating problem. Whenever i play Wildlands my diskusage is 98 – 99%.
I ran a few programs to test my disk, and its fine. I tryed playing a few other games and they all use under 20%. I have followed alot of guides, how to get the diskusage down in windows 10, it helped a bit just not when i play Wildlands.

  • Game language have been changed

I just finished downloading the 1.1.5 patch. First issue: when I launched the game my language got changed to Russian

  • Game randomly restarts, various pieces of equipment won’t work

The game is broken because I had multiple restarts now the drone and binoculars is not working. This was not happening before i patched the game so something is wrong and yes i checked the key bindings.

  • Stuttering

it’s still stuttering exactly just like it was before the patch. I have GTX 1080 SLI here playing in 1440p. Also using the new driver 378.78 and I’ve verified files.

Despite the issues listed above, overall Patch 1.1.5 has significantly improved the gaming experience for most players. They generally confirm that Ghost Recon Wildlands is more stable, uses less CPU, and tab and map opening is smoother now.

For various Ghost Recon Wildlands bugs, use the troubleshooting guides listed below:


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