GiffGaff UWP app for Windows 10 lands in the store, additional features to come soon

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GiffGaff has recently rolled out its UWP app to the Microsoft Store as we informed you a few days before. This is only the early version of the app; a more complete version will soon be released with additional features. Meanwhile, let us see what this version brings to the table.

This UWP GiffGaff app allows Windows users to catch up with iOS and Android fans since GiffGaff was initially released on these two platforms. This is the first time an official Giffgaff app is available to PC users and mobile users as well.

The fact that GiffGaff decided to launch a Windows app could be a sign that Microsoft is doing well in the UK with phone sales. It is worth mentioning that phone revenue is not Microsoft’s strong point. On the contrary, the tech giant saw another major decrease in phone revenue in Q3, more specifically a 46% drop, compared to its 49% drop from the previous quarter.

The new UWP GiffGaff  app only supports Windows 10 so if you own an older phone, the only solution is to upgrade to Microsoft’s latest OS. If you don’t have the technical know-how with how to do this, you should consider buying a Windows 10 phone such as Lumia 950. If you don’t like Microsoft’s phones, other manufacturers have also started to roll out their first Windows 10 phones. For example, Acer’s Liquid Jade Primo is an elegant Windows 10 phone worth considering when buying a new handset.

Although the current UWP GiffGaff version is not complete, the developer assures Windows users they will soon benefit from the full features of the app. For the time being, the key features include:

  •  Check your usage and airtime balance.
  • Buy, queue or recur a rolling monthly plan in seconds.
  • Top up your airtime credit with a credit/debit card or top-up voucher.
  • Top up another Giffgaff number with a credit/debit card.
  • Manage your auto top-up settings to never get caught short without credit.
  • View your Payback points and order more SIMs.
  • Share your personalised SIM order page.
  • Access the fun and friendly GiffGaff  Community, including forums and blogs.
  • Search the knowledge base for answers to the most common issues.

You can download the new UWP GiffGaff app from the Microsoft Store.



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