Giffgaff app coming soon for Windows 10 and Mobile

by Radu Tyrsina
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The developers of Giffgaff are hard at work on a universal version of the app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The app is all about making it possible for users to see how much allowance they have left along with managing their account.

Ian Morland, the man working on the official Giffgaff app, has spoken with Neowin about the future of the app and what users should expect. From what he has to say, work on the app is pretty much done at this point seeing as there’s a closed beta with around 60 members giving regular feedback.

Here’s what Morland had to say to the publication:

“The brand new official Giffgaff app for Windows 10 has been built from the ground up to fully support our members on the Windows platforms. A closed beta group of around 60 members has been providing feedback over the last two months, and we are now close to finalizing the first release.”

The app is expected to have features similar to what other UK carriers are offering, which is a good move.

The features:

  • Account management
  • Top-ups
  • Goodybag purchasing
  • Self-help system
  • Community support (which includes the forums)

For those who might not have heard of Giffgaff, it is a subsidiary of O2 which is itself owned by Telefónica. O2 is the second largest mobile network in the UK and from what we have come to understand, Giffgaf is the biggest MVNO (mobile virtual network operator).

In the future, the developer hopes to make the feature set of the Windows 10 version comparable to the Android and iOS versions, something that may very well come down to how popular the Windows Store becomes.


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