Git client Tower adds new features to its Windows app

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Fournova, the infamous developer of the Git client Tower, rolled out their Tower 2.5 in public beta for its latest Windows app.  The app is now available free for use, and sports a ton of newly added features including improvements to their popular Git client for Mac.

The app has been created using native technologies, as reported by Fournova but still isn’t qualified as a Universal Windows App. This update is rendered as the biggest and the most significant since their last version 2 was launched. Existing Tower 2 users can get this update without any additional charges. Tough new licenses are available for $79 (USD).

Tobias Gunther, Fournova’s CEO stated :

“The response to our private beta was amazing. Thousands of users tested the Windows version over the course of the last months and gave us valuable feedback. With today’s launch of the public beta we give everyone instant access to the beta version. We’re excited about the feedback and are looking forward to make Tower the best Git client for Windows with the help of our users.”

Some mentionable features of the app are:

  • git-flow Support – The recommended “git-flow” branching model can be used right from within Tower.
  • A Neat Interface – Modernized, evaluated & tested features all in a simple and clear interface design.
  • Constantly Updated – Changes are auto updates in the background.
  • Git search and filter – Revised search filters; finding files, directories are revolutionized with newly introduced aspects. Additionally, now even bookmarks and services can appear on the search.
  • Repository Manager – Manage your local repositories by practical and simple bookmarks.
  • Conflict Wizard – Efficient problem-solving features introduced; lesser conflicts and more ease.
  • Speedy operations – Locating repositories, editing or modifying them had never been so easy can be done by barely making any effort.
  • Service Manager – Now cloning your repos, either BitBucet, GitHub or Visual Studio, is just a click away.
  • Details for user modules – All repos, sub-modules, and stashes are displayed with short yet sufficient details.
  • Multiple Repos operability – Now users can operate multiple repos and work on them simultaneously.
  • Drag and drop – Easy and fast access now added with the drag and drop feature.
  • Performance – Responsive, quick and stable.
  • Cloning Dialog – Now users search for their preferred cloning etiquette, visuals, and cloning progress, using the Tower’s very own clone dialog.
  • Instant Commits– To add speedy access, a copy of each commit dialog is created and added to the current working copy of the file.
  • Pinpoints unscathed commits – Displays all commits that have been missed or left out from syncing or updating into the working repo.
  • Custom service: User’s very own, created and managed servers can now hold an account which further adds security and substantiation for their servers as well as for hosting platforms of their codes like Bitbucket or GitHub.
  • Repo cloning– Cloning repositories is carried out in the background so users can work completely uninterrupted.

Don’t have Tower yet? Go ahead, try it out now for your Windows PC.


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