Github desktop and Visual studio might look like Windows 11

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • Windows users are now redesigning more highly used software, to look like Windows 11 natives.
  • We've already learned that there is also a way to make Steam have this new fluent appearance.
  • The fresh look has now been brought to coding software such as VS Code, Visual Studio, or GitHub.
  • Rejoice in knowing that these design concepts have been also submitted for official review, so we might see them become reality soon. 
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There is currently a large quantity of software that doesn’t;t function properly, or at all, on the new Microsoft operating system.

And for the users that only have access to one device, on which they’ve already installed the preview build for Windows 11, think about these programs with nostalgia.

Recently, one more tech-savvy user has designed some concept software for Visual Studio, GitHub Desktop, as well as VS Code, and everyone seems to want a piece of them.

These concepts sparked a lot of user interest

Reddit user Zeealeidahmad recently caused mass hysteria among Windows 11 users, by revealing some concepts that he has been working on for the past weeks.

This is beautiful. I wonder if someday we’ll get a truly consistent UX (not only the design, but the usability features too: consistent placement for menus, consistent use of icons, etc) through all of Microsoft apps, the same way we have with Google and Apple. Right now Xbox, Windows, Office, Edge and VS apps all have different UX, even with the design updates for Windows 11. Even inside these ecosystems. Teams, Settings and Windows Store have menus on the side, while all the other apps have menus on top.

He has redesigned important software such as Visual Studio, GitHub Desktop, and VS Code, giving them the fresh, fluent look that Microsoft implemented on its upcoming OS.

Needless to say that, once everyone got to see these software solutions with the new Windows 11 look, were immediately interested and started searching online for them.

However, as we mentioned, this is only a concept designed by this user, not available anywhere yet.

I straight up went and checked for an update. Sad that it was just a concept. Well done mate

Even though, at their core, these design choices represent some really simple elements, such as more rounded corners, or enhanced transparency, user demand for such themes on more software is sky-high.

And it will only continue to grow, as a great percentage of Windows 10 users that have tasted the new ways of Windows 11 are no longer willing to go back to the old design.

You will also be pleased to know that these ideas have already been submitted for official review on GitHub, as well as on the Developer Community, so we could actually witness the design coming to our favorite coding software.

This is music to the ears of those who reacted to Zeealeidahmad‘s Reddit post.

And speaking of making existing apps look like a native Windows 11 one, you should know that a similar skin can be applied to Steam as well.

Remember that Windows 11 is still in its early testing phases so we can’t yet get a full picture of what the OS will look and feel like when it is declared as complete.

The only things we can do are wait, and also make sure we submit as much feedback as possible, thus ensuring that Microsoft has enough information to make the necessary tweaks.

What’s your take on these new design choices for the coding software? Let us know in the comments below.