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GlassWire best deals

For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, GlassWire is a software manufacturer with a focus on network monitoring.

Their tool basically tracks the traffic that flows between your PC and the network and logs all the events that occurred during your absence including reports on sent/received data, applications that initiated connexions, and much more.

The advantages of owning such a piece of software are quite obvious: you can block suspicious connections and keep your system at bay from malware.

To add an additional layer of defense against cyberthreats, GlassWire includes a built-in firewall.

But there is so much more you can get from this tool.

Keeping malicious programs contained is just one benefit of the software – you can further use it to identify badly behaving or bandwidth-hogging apps and thus, improve your system’s performance and increase Internet speed, detect unknown devices that are trying to join your Wi-fi, and more.

GlassWire may now automatically upgrade to new versions without requiring manual downloads from our website. Keep an eye out for update notifications, and then allow or postpone the changes.

Do you want to use GlassWire to keep track of all the devices on your network (Internet of Things)? The Things tab on GlassWire has been entirely overhauled with all new IOT functionality. This function allows you to customize our scanning parameters based on the number of devices you encounter on a regular basis.

GlassWire now allows you to view your current IP addresses, Mac addresses, Gateway information, and DNS servers.

Let’s quickly review GlassWire’s key specs:

  • Lockdown mode to block all network connectivity
  • Refuse new network connections
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Multiple Remote Server Monitoring
  • Unlimited access to skins and themes
  • Customized alerts and notifications
  • Switch between different firewall profiles

Best deals on Glasswire firewall:

  • GlassWire Basic Plan (1 PC, 6-month history, 3 remote connections)
  • GlassWire Pro Plan (3 PCs, 1-year history, 10 remote connections)
  • GlassWire Elite Plan (10 PCs, unlimited history, unlimited remote connections)


Keep an eye on your network at all times and identify any malicious threats with the best monitoring tool from GlassWire!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Glasswire is a network monitoring tool that aims to keep your network safe from cyber threats. It is a legitimate and safe software to install and run on your PC as long as its license is obtained from an official source.

  • The GlassWire firewall is the visual type, allowing for full transparency into network-related activities.

  • Yes, the firewall is included by default in each one of the GlassWire subscription plans and you will not be charged extra for this service.

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