Glide’s new native Windows 10 Mobile app goes live

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Glide released its new Windows app, compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1, some time ago. Now, the company released a new update for its messaging client “fully leveraging Windows 10 Mobile’s capabilities and enhancing user experience.”

“I am impressed by Microsoft’s new leadership and strategic initiatives, and am happy to offer the growing Glide community a seamless Windows 10 experience,” said Ari Roisman, Glide CEO. “By extending our unique video messaging platform in recent months to Windows Phone, Android Wear, and Apple Watch, we are excited to see Glide help millions more people communicate with greater ease and expression.”

Glide was originally available on iOS only but the developer recognized the potential of other platforms, eventually creating an Android and Windows Phone version. And with its latest update, we expect this app to take all advantages of Microsoft’s latest operating system to deliver a solid video-messaging experience to its users.

Send short video messages with Glide

In case you’re not familiar with Glide, it’s a communication service that allows you to send short, in-line video messages to friends. The good thing about Glide is that all video messages are stored on their own servers saving you lots of space. Although Glide is not as popular as other messaging services like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Viber, it is nonetheless used by millions worldwide. Its presence in the Windows Store can only serve to boost the popularity of the service.

The updated Glide app for Windows 10 Mobile is already available in the Store, so you can download it right now.

Have you already tried the new Glide Windows 10 app on your device? Tell us your impressions in the comments!


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