‘Glorious Maximus’ Game for Windows 8, 10: Fight Against Gladiators in Ancient Rome

by Radu Tyrsina
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Glorious Maximus is a brand new game which has been recently launched on the Windows Store and it lets you experience on your Windows 8 device ancient Roman fights. Read more below about it.
glorious maximus windows 8
Available for touch and desktop Windows 8.1 devices (sorry, Windows RT owners), this games is really easy to Learn, and a lot of fun to master the touch-controls. There are over 30 levels and enemies that you will have to conquer and fight against, and you will be able to collect several unique champions with different fighting styles. Also, you can build up wealth and buy weapons to customize your gladiators in a RPG style progression. There’s also a map of ancient Rome, so you will see how you progress along the way. The game is usually available for $1.99, but you can get it for 6 more days completely for free!

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Fight against gladiators with Glorious Maximus on Windows 8

glorious maximus windows 8 game

Battle in the lands surrounding ancient Rome on an epic quest to achieve the highest Roman honor: GLORIOUS MAXIMUS! Recruit powerful champions from around the Mediterranean to crush your enemies in this fast-paced action brawler! Use the gold from your victories to purchase new weapons for your champions. Travel the dangerous roads on highly-detailed map of the lands around ancient Rome, and leave glory in your wake…

Show no mercy, for none shall be shown to you! Easy to learn, and fun to master controls. Touch controls are smooth, responsive, and easy to learn: tap to attack, hold to block, and swipe for special combos. When you’ve beaten your opponent sufficiently off his side of the fighting ground – victory is yours (and he is dead)! Quick melee brawls in fighting-game style make Glorious Maximus perfect for intense bursts of gaming on the go. Play this hilariously action-packed brawler and begin your glory-quest around Rome!

Download Glorious Maximus for Windows 8 

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