goDog Fetch App is Like Siri for Windows 8, 10

by Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
Radu Tyrsina
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Obviously, there’s no way for Siri to work on Windows 8 device and that’s why many have been looking for alternatives or equivalents. And now we have the first such utility in the form of goDog Fetch. Read below for more details on this.
godog fetch app siri windows 8
Recently released on the Windows Store for Windows 8, 8.1 users, goDog Fetch is a really cool app which acts as an equivalent of how Siri works on iPhones and iPads. It has already received quite a lot of positive reviews, which shows that it’s quite a good app. At the moment, this Siri-like digital assistant app is available for devices running on x64 and ARM processors, and support for x86 device will probably makes its way in a future update. So, you can use this app to check the weather forecast, your email, news and whatnot.

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Bring Siri on Windows 8 with this app

This app is always evolving, learning new things on the go, and it comes with the following useful features: free form natural voice commands, 13 customizable voices, local business search, the ability to search by user ratings and reviews and even turn-by-turn driving directions. At the moment the translate feature of the app is available in 8 languages and you can also make use of the quiet mode keyboard input which comes in real handy for for noisy places.

windows 8 siri equivalent

goDog Fetch is your new Siri-like personal digital assistant to find things faster. Imagine one assistant that works on all the devices you use throughout your busy day, from the time your wake up and check the weather forecast, your email and news, to the time you get in your car and bring up a traffic report or get driving directions, to the time you’re at work on your computer, your smartphone, tablet or at home watching TV, goDog is there to help you. Currently available for Windows 8.1 and Android, with iPhone, iPad, Smart TV, PC / Mac web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE) and in-car navigation coming soon.

godog windows 8 app siri
So, here’s a set of questions that you can ask goDog Fetch:

  • “Nearest pizza restaurants”
  • “Nearest Mexican food”
  • “Highest rated Italian restaurants”
  • “I want sushi”
  • “Nearest Starbucks”
  • “Closest gas station”
  • “Nearest bank”
  • “Where is Walmart”
  • “Call Costco”
  • “Driving directions to Petco Park”
  • “Send an SMS message to John Smith, I’m on my way to the ballpark see you soon”
  • “Share my location with John Smith”
  • “Translate good afternoon how are you to French”
  • “Translate how do I get to the airport to Italian”
  • “Who was George Washington”
  • “Abraham Lincoln”
  • “Calculate 20% of 75”
  • “What is the meaning of life”

Thus, by using this awesome application, you probably won’t even need for Cortana to make its way on Windows 8 desktop devices and laptops. goDog Fetch has been updated many times, bringing plenty of new features, such as news, sports and finance categories, auto-update notification, fixes to Microsoft Bing Speech Engine processing and many other.

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