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Golden Frog GmbH

General information for Golden Frog GmbH

Golden Frog GmbH is an IT company that focuses on developing software that emphasizes reliability, performance, and security. 

The company started off as a response to Room 641a, an infamous room in San Francisco where the NSA was conducting surveillance on AT&T’s networks without user consent.

In an attempt to bring more freedom to users and their Internet use, they decided to go ahead and create their own company that can combat such illicit activities.

The company headquarters are in Switzerland because the country has a long history of respecting privacy. This right to privacy is guaranteed in Article 13 of the Swiss Federal Constitution. 

More so, the company can easily activate outside of Switzerland because the country also established global frameworks and safe harbors with the EU, the US, and other countries, which extend privacy protection beyond its borders. 

The company has a flagship program called VyprVPN, a lightning-fast VPN client for Windows, and their main focus was developing it to be better and better.

They continued their research, allowing their VPN technology to be efficient even in countries where freedom of speech is a sensitive subject, such as the UAE.

More so, they frequently have deals and offers, so taking advantage of any available offer is recommended.

Products by Golden Frog GmbH

  • VyprVPN
  • VyprVPN for Business
  • Outfox

Given the VPN‘s popularity, we’ve included it in some troubleshooting guides as well:

Key figures from Golden Frog GmbH

The Golden Frog GmbH board of directors is made up of founders, Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis with Sunday Yokubaitis acting as the active CEO of the company.

More so, we also have Chris Marsh as vice-president of technology, Michael Douglass and Phillip Molter as chief technology officers, and Tucker Stern acting as the director of product.