Windows SDK for Google Analytics brings more options for app developers

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Microsoft is taking yet another step towards spreading awareness of its services, this time introducing interconnectivity between its platform and Google’s.

To be more specific, Microsoft developed a new SDK based on the Android SDK which is used within Google’s tracking service, Google Analytics. The new Windows SDK from Microsoft serves the purpose of being implemented into Google Analytics by users and thus bringing the Google service more functionality thanks to the added Microsoft tools and support.

According to Microsoft, this new Windows SDK was designed over the Measurement Protocol from Google which acts as a means of sending engagement data to Google’s servers. The transfer is done over HTTP requests and it’s easily done thanks to the class name and design along with the patterns that come with them. These allow Google Analytics to seamlessly port and read the new SDK and provide better functionality for users.

In a more simplified manner, Google Analytics is a tool offered by Google which allows users to conduct various inquires about their system. This tool is very helpful in that it can be very helpful when trying to identify certain problems or even prevent inconveniences. Some of the things that Google Analytics is able to accomplish include crash recording, user event recording and app usage monitoring.

Microsoft also went out of its way to provide instruction on its web page on how the integration of Google Analytics takes place for a Windows app. Therefore, if you are interested in developing a Windows app and want to incorporate Google Analytics, you can easily learn what needs to be done and how to do it. It is also worth mentioning that the new Windows SDK from Microsoft is open source.

This means that the community is free and even invited to pitch in and contribute to the best of their abilities to make it better.



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