Google confirms it will fully support Chromium Edge browser

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Google supports Chromium based Edge Browser

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Last week, quite a few Insiders reported that Google Meet was no longer working on Edge. This pushed users to download alternative browsers such as UR Browser, Firefox or Chrome.

Initially, users thought that Google still had some concerns about the upcoming Edge Chromium version.

A new round of speculations started online about Google’s unfair policy regarding the latest version of the Edge browser.

However, keep in mind that Google Meet only supports “whitelisted” browsers. Google says that the Chromium Edge browser will be added to the list of whitelisted browsers as soon as it has become available to the general public.

We view the increased adoption of Chromium and WebRTC as positive for the entire Unified Communications industry.

Apparently, this is a welcoming message from Google for all those search engines that may adopt Chromium. The Chromium engine will provide better web compatibility for the new Edge browser.

We expect Google services to work without any issues after the official release of the Chromium Edge browser.

The company further added:

With the recent release of developer previews for Edge, we are thrilled to be able to offer a new preview experience of Hangouts Meet, and we plan to officially support it once it becomes generally available.

The relationship between Google and Microsoft has not always been a good one. It is still interesting to see if Google allows other browsers to enter the competitive space.

Unconditional support from Google will act as a new milestone in the browser industry.



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