Google Discover may soon be released to desktop

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  • Google Discover is a personalized content feed that serves relevant news content to mobile users.
  • The new commit made on Chromium Gerrit could be a sign that Discover may be released to PC too.
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Google Discover may soon be released to desktop

By taking into consideration the new code references found in the open-source Chromium platform, Google Discover may be implemented not only in Chrome but also in Chromium-based browser apps.

Generally, such features are added to Google Chrome for Android before being released to desktop. This could be seen as a sign that Discover will come to desktop users too.

Google engineer Carlos Knippschild made a commit on Chromium Gerrit in that regard. By taking a closer look at the actual description, we discover the very purpose of this feature.

To be more precise, the experimental flag will encourage users to keep up with relevant web content on the New Tab Page.

Moreover, he decided to choose a suggestive title, as revealed in the commit: Add a feature flag for the Web Feed feature.

What’s Google Discover all about?

commit on Chromium Gerrit

At the moment, Discover is accessible via the Google app and Chrome for iOS and Android. It is a function that displays news when you swipe the home screen of the smartphone application version.

The revealed content usually displayed on Google Discover is updated by an automated system that analyzes the user’s web and app activity collected by Google.

This upcoming WebFeed feature may resemble the Discover feed already found in Chrome. However, it hasn’t been spotted in other Chromium-based mobile browsers yet. It is most likely in the early stages of development.

In spite of that, let us know if you already like the idea of enjoying Google’s personalized news feed in future Chromium-based browser apps, like Vivaldi and Brave, or even on PC.

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