Get ready for Google’s Android version of Apple Find My app

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  • Google is reportedly working on its own Find My app, similar to Apple's security feature.
  • A new leak reveals coding strings that point in the direction of such software development.
  • No official release date for this major, future Google project has been made public yet.
  • Rumors have it that Google may release this software together with the new Pixel 6 device. 
New Google Find My app

Being inspired by the capability of Apple’s security oriented apps, Google seems to have picked up on a similar project and is quite hard at work developing it.

Its no wonder that major tech companies spare no expenses in bolstering software, as well as device security, seeing how malicious third parties are getting more cunning by the second, in this day and age.

Google will design its own Find My app

As we previously mentioned, Google aims to reach the same level as Apple, as far as we can tell from the fresh leak, which revealed that the company might be working on an Android version of Find My.

This is already a highly competitive market, and seeing how Apple’s Bluetooth tracking capabilities are considered the best in the market, Google seems to admit this fact and is preparing to build its own crowdsourced network of devices.

Google Play Services, version 21.24.13, was rolled out to the public today, in the beta channel. The tech company added two new important strings to the coding bible of this app.

string name="mdm_find_device_network_description">Allows your phone to help locate your and other people’s devices.</string
string name="mdm_find_device_network_title">Find My Device network</string

These newly added coding strings directly suggest that Google might be working on a Find My Device network, which will empower Google Play Services to permit your phone to locate your, as well as other users’ devices. 

The tech company already has an app called Find My Device, which is available on the Play Store, but it’s limited to finding devices that are actually signed in to your Google account.

If this new app will finally go live, you will be able to help other Android users locate their lost or stolen device.

When will Google launch this new app?

It’s not really clear, for the moment, when Google plans on implementing this new system. According to internet rumors, the tech giant will most likely introduce this when it is officially unveiling the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

Similar to the their competitors, Apple, Google’s extra hard work could result in the most powerful AirTag competitor, which could materialize a bit later, but its too early to make such speculations for now.

Some might even say that its better to have it released later, but in perfect working order, after all the bugs have been eliminated, than sooner, which could resemble other app mayhems that we’ve seen over the years.

The important thing in all this is that the major companies that provide and manage our tech options are doing the best they can to maintain a safe environment.

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