Google unveils amazing new innovations at I/O

by Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
Vlad Turiceanu
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  • Google I/O is an annual conference that reveals new ideas and projects for innovation.
  • This year Google presented new integrations for its office suite software, Workspace.
  • Android 12 brings a brand new look to your mobile devices and, also, new security features.
  • Google vouched to build a new state-of-the-art camera that is more skin tone friendly.
Google I/O conference

Google kept themselves busy this year as well and some of the innovations unveiled at the I/O this year exceeded participant’s expectations.

There were mentions of a new look coming to Android, some new features coming to the Google Workspace productivity suite, and even a new AI.

Changes for Android and Workspace

One of the more exciting and most expected news, for all those interested, was related to the changes that Google implemented for the new version of Android.

Android 12 will offer more color and customization features, and twill even be able to change system colors, in order to better match your wallpaper.

The beta version is already available and everyone wants to jump on the opportunity and test the new security dashboard, which offers a few new security features.

Navigating through its busy schedule, developers from Google next talked about the new integrations for Workspace. Smart Canvas will make it easier for this office software to work between products.

What this means is that features such as Smart Chips will allow you to link to other Workspace apps and, also, give you the ability to start a Meet video call right from Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide.

Google is building a new camera

Following some embarrassing incidents that happened over the years, Google has now taken to building a new camera that is more skin tone friendly.

The camera’s software will allow a better and more accurate capture of the different colors and nuances of skin tones, painting a more realistic tableau.

Since we are already talking about photos, you will be pleased to learn that Google Photos is getting an impressive new feature that lets you use two photos to create a moving image.

The tech giant also adds another feature to Google Photos, making it possible for you store photos in a password-protected space on your phone

AIs are becoming smarter and holograms a reality

Among all the other projects presented throughout the events that took place at I/O, some of the most acclaimed were the futuristic ideas that Google had.

For example, Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai talked about Project Starline, which uses next generation depth sensors, as well as high-resolution cameras, in order to create a real-time 3D models.

Thus, during video calls, other participants will appear as 3D holograms, which was described by Pinchai as “The closest we can get to the feeling of sitting across from someone”.

Also on display were some pretty impressive demos of the LaMDA conversation technology. The event presented a conversation between Pluto and a paper ariplane.

These were just a part of all the things that Google has brought to the public’s attention through I/O. All we can do is just sit back and allow ourselves to be starstruck by these awesome feats of engineering.

What is your favorite feature unveiled at Google I/O this year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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