Google Play has suddenly stopped showing app permissions

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  • If you are using Google Play but can no longer see app permission, it's not a bug.
  • The company removed this feature without prior notice, confusing all its users.
  • Google previously made it mandatory to provide all of the data safety information.
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Everyone nowadays, including Windows 11 users, is using Android apps on everything from smartphones to PCs.

Early this year, Microsoft provided an update through which users that upgraded to Windows 11 could load Android apps natively on their devices.

However, the Android apps destined for Windows 11 users have to be downloaded from the Amazon Store, according to official instructions.

That being said, tech-savvy users have managed to get Google Play apps working on Microsoft’s latest OS as well.

And, speaking of Google Play, here’s something you might not be aware of just yet, but could change some things.

No more permissions listing for Google Play apps

It is well known that, until recently, the Google Play app displayed permissions that an application needed to function.

Pretty much all applications have access to a base set of permissions that are not highlighted, but anything that goes beyond that needs to be specified in the application’s manifest.

However, now, when you browse apps or games on Google Play you will notice that the permissions listing is no longer available.

Why? Well, nobody knows for sure just yet, but it would appear that Google decided that the new data safety listing is sufficient.

We should mention that software publishers are required to provide data safety information because Google made it mandatory.

Thus, it’s pretty much up to the publisher to fill out the information, as neither the Google Play application nor the Google Play store website list permissions anymore.

Many users have woken up to this surprising change and are confused as to why this is happening, or if it’s just a bug in the system.

To be fair, Google did not make any statements in this regard, not revealing why it decided to remove the option to view application and game permissions on its Android store.

Experts over at Google could have thought that the new Data Safety listing is enough, or that permissions could discourage new users from downloading certain apps

How can I view app permissions?

There are, however, other options at your disposal, which you can use to view permissions for the application you want to download.

Android users can analyze an application’s manifest file before installation, but this is time-consuming and not really that practical.

You can also use the open-source Aurora Store application, a frontend for Google Play, which means that it pulls data directly from Google’s Store.

You will find that, unlike Google Play, it provides users with important information, including permissions that applications request.

Many people feel that the removal of permissions from Google Play is a step in the wrong direction, as Google is still focused on limiting information and functionality to create a frictionless yet limited experience for its users.

And, since we’ve mentioned Android apps and Microsoft’s latest OS, we prepared an awesome list containing the best Android emulators for Windows 11.

We can also help if your Windows 11 operating system is not recognizing your Android phone after you plugged it into your PC/laptop.

What is your take on this entire situation? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below.

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