GoPro Channel App for Windows 8 Released, Use it to Watch the Latest GoPro Videos

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Currently, there isn’t an official GoPro app on the Windows Store to manage your GoPro camera, but the company has now released the GoPro Channel app that you can download to see the latest videos.
gopro channel app for windows 8
GoPro has released a brand new app for Windows 8.1 and Windows RT users, called GoPro Channel. The app lets users enjoy videos captured by GoPro cameras from around the world. There is also a Windows Phone app, but that one seems to have much more features, as it’s the official app for GoPro owners. The GoPro channel app for Windows 8 also lets you shop for accessories, GoPro cameras, and other gear for your GoPro devices.

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The GoPro Channel app in the Windows Store brings videos from across the world

Welcome to the GoPro Channel on Windows 8.1. Watch the latest GoPro videos, and experience life as captured by the world’s most versatile camera. From skydiving to scuba diving, surfing to snowboarding, music to motorsports and beyond—whatever your passion, you’ll find it here. Come along for the ride, and get the gear you need to capture and share your own life with GoPro

gopro channel app windows 8
The videos inside the GoPro app are organized into playlists and you can browse GoPro products by categories, such as roll bar mounts, tripod mounts, head straps and many others. Also, while watching a certain video, you can pause and use the “get this shot” feature to capture the still video and convert it into an image. Also, while looking at videos, you can see what Go Pro cameras have been used in the shooting.

Currently, former Microsoft executive Tony Bates is the president of GoPro and he has actually rivaled with Satya Nadella for the leadership of Microsoft. So, go ahead and follow the link from below to download the app, which comes with a size of only 2.2 MB and is filed in the entertainment category.

Download GoPro Channel app for Windows 8 


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