Groove Music’s new features supported on Sonos

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Almost a year ago, Microsoft teamed up with Sonos to release support for Groove Music with the Sonos speakers. This platform is really easy to use: you simply have to add whatever songs you want in the Music folder on the OneDrive. What’s more, it supports MP3s and iTunes tracks, so you have more freedom of choice.

Moreover, Groove Music is great since it offers easy-to-use menus and controls that are adapted to keyboard and mice. It also works with touch gestures on touch screens. If you buy a Groove Music Pass, you also have access to an excellent listening experience without any ad interruptions. It also has the largest music library in the world, containing more than 40 million tracks. You even have the possibility of creating your own radio stations by combining songs, artists and albums.

Sonos is releasing an update for Groove Music for its speakers called “Playlists For You”, which is useful because it recommends playlists based on your taste and on what songs you played before. As it seems, this new feature will show the same playlists available in the “Your Groove” feature in the Windows 10 OS.

If you own Sonos speakers, you should update Groove Music in order to enjoy this new feature. If you’re not currently using this, you might want to give it a try and download it from the Microsoft Store.



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