Microsoft axes Groove Music, but you can now export libraries to Spotify

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Huge subscription based libraries are very popular, as users enjoy access to millions of songs with the option of creating playlists, saving music and so much more. With a lot of money on the table, providers of these services are looking to make moves and secure bigger deals, and Microsoft recently announced one of its biggest decisions in the domain.

Microsoft shuts down Groove Music

Microsoft recently announced that its music streaming service, Groove Music, would be shutting down soon. According to an official statement coming from Microsoft, Groove Music will no longer be available or functional after December 31st, 2017. In addition to this, the Windows maker also announced that it would be teaming up with Spotify, the largest music streaming service in the world. Users that have been using Groove Music can export their libraries, playlists and things like that over to Spotify, which is what Microsoft recommends they do next.

Why it’s not good news

While Groove Music might have been somewhat popular with the Microsoft community, upgrading to Spotify is no doubt an excellent deal for them, right? Apparently, this is closer to being bad news than it to be good news, and that’s because Spotify isn’t that hot on Windows Phone.

The problem with Spotify on Windows Phone

The problem that Windows Phone users have with Spotify is that the app is downright unresponsive on the platform. While Android users would have no issues, for example, Windows Phone users have to struggle just to get the app to open correctly.

Many developers have seized the opportunity to make serious plans for their future on Windows Phone, so many bugs and problems have remained unfixed for a long time. In other words, some users find Spotify barely usable on Windows Phone and not having the option of Groove Music anymore stings.

Tricky situation

This puts Microsoft in an iffy position. While the merger with Spotify is no doubt a really good business move for the company, there is concern with backlash with the Windows Phone community. It is yet unclear how Microsoft might deal with this backlash, but users won’t have to wait that long to find out.

With just a couple of months left before December rolls around the corner, the only thing left now is to wait and see how this story unfolds once all the cards are on the table and Groove Music is officially defunct and no longer available.



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