Finally, Grand Theft Auto V Will Land on Windows 8 PCs This Fall

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All the Grant Theft Auto fans out there can now get enthusiastic, as after several delays, Rockstar Games finally stated that GTAV will be soon made available for Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. Of course, the exact release date hasn’t been mentioned, but now we know for sure that Grand Theft Auto V is almost ready for us, whether we have upgraded to a last gen console for enjoying more powerful hardware and better graphics, or we just want to test the new game on our Windows 8 based computer.gtav for windows
So, now we can all start playing Grand Theft Auto V, the game being highly expected by all the games addicts out there. We all know that since Vice City (where we had the best storyline) and San Andreas (where we had the best gameplay) , Rockstar Games is trying to come with something unique and until now they only came up with GTA4, which by the way was quite a disappointment for us. For that reasons, and not only GTAV already received several awards, as the game managed to break 6 world records.

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Grand Theft Auto V promises an enchanting game play and an addictive story line, which Rockstar Games says that is even better that what we have noticed in San Andreas. Of course, the game will benefit of all the hardware possibilities that are provided by Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while for the PC version we should receive a relatively similar game experience.

GTAV will embrace Windows 8 systems starting from this fall, though as already mentioned we don’t have an exact date to rely on. Of course, further info on that matter will be made available during the following weeks, or months, so stay close as we will update you with fresh info as soon as something new comes out.

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