Fresh updates on the upcoming Minecraft Hal’s Exploration mod

by Alexandru Poloboc
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  • The creator of the Hal's Exploration mod has released some impressive previews of what is to come.
  • Players will have to build engines and other machines, to serve them as means of transportation. 
  • The mod will introduce better graphics to Minecraft, according to developer's announcement. 
  • Check out the screenshots of some of the new biomes coming to Minecraft with the Hal's Exploration mod.
Hal's Exploration mod Minecraft

For those of you who didn’t already know, Hal’s Exploration mod is a huge fan-made Minecraft project.

This game mod was thought of by creator HalbeargameZ, and it will offer players a bit of a steampunk take on exploration, transporting them to many dimensions, with unique abilities.

Build the unthinkable, with new Minecraft mod

So, basically, this mod has been in the pipeline for more than a year, and it still doesn’t seem like the release date will come for quite some time.

To sort of make up for the fact that time is still an issue, the modder posted some exciting updates on how the game mod is coming along, on Reddit, and users are delighted.

HalbeargameZ posted a short snippet of some of the upcoming Minecraft mod’s key features. This steampunk-looking power generator will be used to power all vehicles in the mod.

This, along with some other machines that players will have to craft, will serve them as means to get to different places. Yup, you guessed it, there won’t be any portals to use in the mod.

The engine above seems to be the power source for the transporter it’s connected to, according to the creator’s comments, where he later added that:

The transporter has access to a few dimensions depending on the tier of computer it’s connected to.

In the screenshot above, the creator presents on of the new biomes that will be added upon release.

New dimensions, new challenges

HalbeargameZ also announced that, with the mod, Minecraft will look so much more better, and teased some of the biomes that are featured in the new adventure.

Apparently, judging by the comments, there are plans to release an alpha version for the mod quite soon.

This news has only fueled the excitement and now every Minecraft player is on the edge his seat, patiently waiting for new challenges.

Blueleaf plains and Crystal plains, the 2 of 3 biomes coming out in the alpha of hals exploration mod thats coming out in 5 or 6 days

It is said that, when complete, the full project should feature, among others, space travel, a lot of hard bosses, tech, vehicles, as well as lush biomes.

We will just have to keep an eye on this project and stay up do date on future changes, as we are sure that every Minecraft fan will also do.

Are you excited to play this new mod for Minecraft? Let us know in the comments section below.