Heads up: Sign a waiver if you want to upgrade Windows 11 on an unsupported PC

by Don Sharpe
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  • Microsoft released a list of supported CPUs for Windows 11 roll out in October release.
  • Users whose PCs are not in the list risk their systems if they upgrade.
  • Such PCs have also been blacklisted and won't be receiving security upgrades.
Sign a waver to install Windows 11
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If you plan to upgrade to Windows 11 come October 5 and your device does not meet the minimum requirements, the time is now to purchase one of the Surface devices announced on September 22

Supported PCs

Microsoft has made it clear that with Windows 11 comes new changes. There is a list of supported CPUs available. Users on unsupported systems have the option of upgrading to Windows 11 with installing ISOs. however, their systems will be left in an unsupported state.


The risk of upgrading is that the unsupported state will render their PCs almost useless and expose them to risks because they will not receive security updates. 

Microsoft has clarified that if such systems upgrade to Windows 11, they will no longer be eligible to receive updates. The nitty gritty on the particular updates are yet to be released so we are still not aware whether these terms apply to crucial security updates as well.


As far as unsupported hardware goes, the changes have been fluctuating since August so users could still hold on to the hope that the waiver could also change. The waiver displays during the setup process.

From the feedback on Twitter, it seems users were not amused with the decision and are feeling there are too many restrictions.

If you are not sure whether your system meets the requirements, you can check via the PC Health Check app launched a few days ago.

Does your device meet the minimum requirements or are you ready for the waiver? Let us know in the comment section below.