Microsoft Releases Health Vault App for Windows 8, Windows 10

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Keeping track of your health and your family’s is an integral part of living a fit rewardable life. Some of us might shrug off health related issues when they are not pressing. Nevertheless new millennium has opened the doors for all kinds of possibilities of knowing where you stand fitness wise, without going in for a doctor’s appointment.

If you have installed Microsoft’s latest operating system on your machine, you could take advantage of the new HealthVault app – which was especially created for use on tablets, W8 phones and computers. Using the app you can store a person’s health information. You only have to install the application once on a particular device, and then you can store and track the progress of each and one of your family members.

health vault windows 8 app

Why is HealthVault for Windows 10, Windows 8 really useful

The app can be extremely useful in emergency situations as well, because it lists the patient’s Allergies, previously known or current Conditions, Family History Immunizations and so on. Imagine having an accident and no immediate family of friend being around to assist the medical care givers with such important information.

The Windows 8, Windows 10 features an upgraded interface that allows you to monitor your basic health information like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, weight and diet plans. In order to view your current health trends, graphs will be displayed, so you can track your progress. HealthVault Distinguished Engineer Sean Nolan explains that mobile platforms will re-invent the way we take care of ourselves:

“It became incredibly clear that mobile was a game changer for consumer health. The fact is that the behavior [of mobile users] is really fundamentally different. It’s particularly acute in health: [Managing health] doesn’t happen at 8 p.m. up in your den after the kids go to bed. The daily health stuff — ‘Hey my coach needs me to fill out this med form’, or I’m traveling, all these kinds of things help bring health into the world of everyday people.”

The Windows 8, Windows 10 version of HealthVault offers some neat tweaks

Installing the app in Windows 10, Windows 8 will bring about some extra neat feats like the “integrated sharing charms”. This way users can share their health information remotely in HTML Photos from cameras can also be shared with HealthVault. So when wanting to share information with your medical care taker, users can just use the “Share” generic button.

All in all, Microsoft’s HealthVault is a very useful app to have on your phone at any time. The software will provide you with relevant fitness and health related info, helping you maintain your optimal physical condition.


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